Join our 360 spin vs video ROI test

In November 2018 Forbes Magazine cited an automotive parts manufacture ‘Gold Eagle Company’ who test the impact of 360 spin imagery on their after market product. They gained up to 8% improvements in conversion rates.

Other products saw no gains, some products which seemed unlikely candidates, such as bottles of sustainable detergent saw significant increased sales as consumers could check all the details on labels as if they were in the shop.

At the same time a simple video of a vacuum cleaner on a $25 revolving cake icing turntable placed on YouTube “We actually saw a boost to the traffic from Google and from Youtube itself, this helped boost the conversion rate by 72% in one week. Today this item is one of our best sellers.”

With such diverse range of results we want to conduct comprehensive research to find out which techniques, with which products in which markets get the best return on investment.

We want to work with pioneering product marketeers in sectors selling high value goods like:

Jewellery, Scientific and Test Equipment, Power Tools, Automotive parts, White Goods, Photographic equipment,

We will create a four versions of a product display:

1. simple low cost photographic 360 spin animation,

2. a high resolution video animation,

3. video

4. static photos.

We will hold a webinar with parties wanting to be part of this to agree a consistent test for each version and metrics to measure results and the group will be privvy to the results 3 months before we release a full report, so you get first mover advantage in using the results to increase sales and market share.

The types of things we want to measure include:

Improved SEO

Increased length of stay and engagement and decreased bounce rates

Increased conversions rates

Reductions in product returns