5 ecommerce habits you should put an end to in 2019

Even though technology has advanced incredibly – trends are always changing and updating. Ecommerce may have once been a vision of the future, but now that it’s here and thriving there are many ways in which companies are making shopping experiences excel for their customers – so read these tips and make sure to jump on the digital band wagon.

  1. Be careful with the checkout layout. Things have moved on in a couple of years – unnecessary extra clicks, poor landing pages or small fonts acceptable. Move on, or your customer will! 38% of users that shop online will leave if they find the layout of the page unattractive or difficult to navigate.
  • Ditch the uninspiring approach and inject vibrance into your site. User-generated content (in the form of images, videos and reviews) will help your customer understand the product and reliability. Incorporating all these features will boost conversion rates instantly.
  • Avoid the idea that being the cheapest will make you the most desirable. Connect with your customers on an emotional level – 80% of the younger generation say that making the world a better place is a top priority. Unite the community through shared values; whether that is through the use of raw materials, donations to charity or putting a percentage of sales towards a shared mission.
  • Make sure you are not avoiding your customers’ demands; feedback is an integral part of marketing and merchandising decisions. Support your customer so they remain happy with the services you provide them and spread the news to their peers. Two-thirds of consumers expect a same day response to queries about a product of service.
  • Look beyond social and digital platforms and think of the channels your customer may be gravitating to. This could be an established retailer or a pop-up store. This can target your audience at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

There are also changes to put in place if you want to increase your online conversion rate. Many of the top online retailers are using customization such as personalised welcome messages for repeat customers, pop-up boxes offering help, products that can be personalised and the ability to remember details of returning customers.