3D animation to assist vulnerable independent people ‘VIPs’

3D animation to assist vulnerable independent people ‘VIPs’

We are pleased to announce a new project with a leading tech services company assisting vulnerable independent people ‘VIPs’

The 3DAW team are busy working on a new series combining filming in our studio, 3D animation and on-location filming. This is to create a new series of product demonstrations for a UK leader in managed services devices and applications which help vulnerable independent individuals live with more freedom and safety.

IET award major cinematic 3D project

IET award major cinematic 3D project

It’s our ‘biggest’ secret 3D animation project ever – so we can’t tell you what it’s about until October 31st 2020, but the 3DAW division of TVNF has been awarded a major project for a 3D cinematic animation and is leading an international animators working alongside their own in-house video production team (IET.TV) to create a unique concept that will combine real life acting and 3D animations. The production is scheduled for release after 01/11/20.

How add 3D 360 degree spin display to Amazon

How add 3D 360 degree spin display to Amazon

After evolving over the last 10 years, 360 degree spin display for ecommerce is finally moving to the mainstream. Amazon backed the technology last year and is opening the use to more categories, like automotive, home improvement and clothing . This follows growing published research on the effects on eCommerce. This included one North America studio, Snap36, claiming that products with the 360 Spin Image feature promise an increase in conversions rates by 47%.  The technique works by increasing confidence, trust and credibility  though far better display and delivers more information than flat images. It’s also a tool for better engagement and interaction. It the next best thing for  shoppers to being in a physical store and personally holding the product and scrutinizing every nook and cranny of the product.

So what do you need to apply this technique? And how can 3D Animation Wizards help?

Firstly, you need to ensure before you do anything at all that your status on Amazon allows you to use this feature.

You’ll need to be accepted as an Amazon Vendor and not a seller. Amazon has chosen to limit who can use 360 Spin in order to maintain control over it. In addition, the marketplace wants to be able to properly organize its use so it runs smoothly, the ultimate goal being its application to other seller categories in the future.

The standard of photography that Amazon requires has to be extremely high and there are a set of rules we’ll cover later on, but it is not advisable to try DIY as it will usually fail to meet Amazons stringent standards. It’s better to outsource and this is a core service you can outsource.

You really have two choices, for image creation, either photography of the physical object or CAD. CAD is better as you can vary the angle of view, and not just have one plane.

Next, you still need to comply with Amazon Product Image Requirements to use 360 Spin. Non-compliance will mean your listing gets hidden, not showing up on Amazon product search results. So you’ll need to follow certain guidelines. Technically, your image should:

be in TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format;

have preferred dimensions of at least 1000×1000 pixels or larger;

be in CMYK or sRGB color mode; and, have file names that consist of the product identifier (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC) followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (Example: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif)

Additionally, Amazon requires the following site standards for primary product images:

The image must be professionally photographed. Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed.

No gratuitous or confusing additional objects added to the image.

The image should be sharp, professionally lit and photographed; or scanned, with realistic color and smooth edges.

Jewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane in the images are not allowed.

Products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.

The full product must be in the frame.

Use a pure white background.

Images should not contain text, graphics, or watermarks.

And pornographic and offensive products are not allowed.

Finally, you need a plan for conversion of your photographic display so you can get early Return of Investment.

Segment and prioritise your SKUs by highest value first as well as noting the range of features that will benefit from 360 degree spin. It is conceivable that there may be little or no benefit with certain plain or extremely well know products, so not really worth applying this layer of display.

Finally, look for outsourced production that will give you more assets than just Amazon 360 degree imagery. This should mean you get you Amazon image, a super enhanced version using applications that allow you to insert interactive information, a traditional animated video for YouTube and Instagram and final great set of still photograph for use in non 360 media such as print.

New research backs the importance of alternate 360 degree spin views

New research backs the importance of alternate 360 degree spin views

A recent Internet Retailer/Toluna 2018 Web Design Survey of 562 consumers in October 2018 in which consumers said seeing many images of a product is helpful—56% of consumers said “alternative views” were very important to making a purchasing decision. Alternative views was the third-highest response behind the top choice of product images at 78% and product reviews at 64% for very important features. Consumers could pick more than one response.

360 degree spin increases online conversion rates for US hardware retailer by 22%

360 degree spin increases online conversion rates for US hardware retailer by 22%

True Value Company is an American wholesaler with over 4,600 independent retail locations worldwide.

Dave Elliott, senior vice president of marketing at True Value, wanted to give shoppers an elevated customer experience. And for the hardware retailer, that means having helpful images on the product detail page in the form of 360-degree spins so a shopper can view the product from different angles as its spins. replatformed its ecommerce site in April 2018 onto the Magento platform. Then the retailer began adding the 360-degree images in the summer of 2018 and now has the feature for 3,000 of its SKUs. While this is a mere 4% of its online SKUs, True Value is already happy with the results.


Conversion rates for products with 360-degree pins have increased 22% on average compared to when these same products didn’t have this feature on the product detail page.


In addition, add-to-cart ratios (or the rate at which consumers add a product to their cart) for these products increased 35%


The bounce rate (or the people who left the ecommerce site after that product page) decreased by 27% compared to when these products didn’t have the spin feature. Elliott did not reveal specific figures. 

Products without the 360-degree spins did not see comparable changes, which makes Elliott even more confident that this feature is what drove those results. 


True Value were able to use the spinning images in digital marketing ads and the differently angled images in other marketing forms, such as a print circular ad that is typically distributed with a newspaper. Previously, many of True Value’s 80,000 SKUs have one or only a few images on its site, which was often a straight-on picture.

“We’ve seen far better ROI in advertising on Facebook, for example,” Elliott says, without revealing specific data. He says that consumers find the ads that spin more engaging and useful, without revealing more. For example, on one Facebook ad of a rotating electric stove, the click through rate to from Facebook was 4.5%, above a normal industry rate of 2.4%, Elliott says.

In terms of streamlining, True Value now has access to 20 high-quality images of each of its products with this feature. That means if the retailer is selecting that product for an advertisement, it has a variety of images from which to choose.

These results coincide with a recent Internet Retailer/Toluna 2018 Web Design Survey of 562 consumers in October 2018 in which consumers said seeing many images of a product is helpful—56% of consumers said “alternative views” were very important to making a purchasing decision. Alternative views was the third-highest response behind the top choice of product images at 78% and product reviews at 64% for very important features. Consumers could pick more than one response.

3D Animation: Creating Dramatic Effects

With 3D Animation Wizards anything is possible.

Once we have created a 3D photo realistic model we can add a large variety of animated effects, link virtual backgrounds to set context, add layers of text to signpost key features, or mix 3D animation with videos of live action. In this example we have used Green Screen filming to a human presenter to make a very dramatic introduction.

5 ecommerce habits you should put an end to in 2019

5 ecommerce habits you should put an end to in 2019

Even though technology has advanced incredibly – trends are always changing and updating. Ecommerce may have once been a vision of the future, but now that it’s here and thriving there are many ways in which companies are making shopping experiences excel for their customers – so read these tips and make sure to jump on the digital band wagon.

  1. Be careful with the checkout layout. Things have moved on in a couple of years – unnecessary extra clicks, poor landing pages or small fonts acceptable. Move on, or your customer will! 38% of users that shop online will leave if they find the layout of the page unattractive or difficult to navigate.
  • Ditch the uninspiring approach and inject
    vibrance into your site. User-generated content (in the form of images, videos
    and reviews) will help your customer understand the product and reliability. Incorporating
    all these features will boost conversion rates instantly.
  • Avoid the idea that being the cheapest will make you the most desirable. Connect with your customers on an emotional level – 80% of the younger generation say that making the world a better place is a top priority. Unite the community through shared values; whether that is through the use of raw materials, donations to charity or putting a percentage of sales towards a shared mission.
  • Make sure you are not avoiding your customers’ demands;
    feedback is an integral part of marketing and merchandising decisions. Support your
    customer so they remain happy with the services you provide them and spread the
    news to their peers. Two-thirds of consumers expect a same day response to queries
    about a product of service.
  • Look beyond social and digital platforms and think of the channels your customer may be gravitating to. This could be an established retailer or a pop-up store. This can target your audience at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

There are also changes to put in place if you want to increase your online conversion rate. Many of the top online retailers are using customization such as personalised welcome messages for repeat customers, pop-up boxes offering help, products that can be personalised and the ability to remember details of returning customers.

Does 360 ° & 3D Spin photography increase on-line sales?

Does 360 ° & 3D Spin photography increase on-line sales?

Boosting sales for your online e-commerce site can be a real struggle in the digital world that we live in. Digital platforms are ever-changing so it can be difficult to keep up and match with competitors that might be further advanced with these adaptions – we can’t all be tech wizzes after all!

With nearly 1/3 of online sales being returned, you need to put in a strategy to reduce the return rate as much as possible.

If you have ever shopped for anything online – whether it be a car or phone – you know that before you commit to handing over your money, you want to be able to see and test the product first to know if it works for you. With little time in the day, we want our on-line experience to emulate our in-store experience. 360° is the way to give 91% of shoppers what they want. And: With 360° in place, customers are 85% more likely to share a positive review of their experience.

According to an Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, 360° product imagery is 11% more effective than video and 13% more than alternative views.

Also, a report from online retailer showed that their conversion rate excelled by 27% due to 360° spin. also claims that products with this feature increase conversion rates by at least 10% and sometimes as much as 30% or 40% higher than products without.

3D Animation Wizards cover every digital avenue. We can snap photos for you and create individual or mass products using 360° spin, 2D animation and 3D animation in a cost-effective way. Pop us an email or give us a free call if we can be of any help!

(+44)1908 968350 v

Join our 360 spin vs video ROI test

In November 2018 Forbes Magazine cited an automotive parts manufacture ‘Gold Eagle Company’ who test the impact of 360 spin imagery on their after market product. They gained up to 8% improvements in conversion rates.

Other products saw no gains, some products which seemed unlikely candidates, such as bottles of sustainable detergent saw significant increased sales as consumers could check all the details on labels as if they were in the shop.

At the same time a simple video of a vacuum cleaner on a $25 revolving cake icing turntable placed on YouTube “We actually saw a boost to the traffic from Google and from Youtube itself, this helped boost the conversion rate by 72% in one week. Today this item is one of our best sellers.”

With such diverse range of results we want to conduct comprehensive research to find out which techniques, with which products in which markets get the best return on investment.

We want to work with pioneering product marketeers in sectors selling high value goods like:

Jewellery, Scientific and Test Equipment, Power Tools, Automotive parts, White Goods, Photographic equipment,

We will create a four versions of a product display:

1. simple low cost photographic 360 spin animation,

2. a high resolution video animation,

3. video

4. static photos.

We will hold a webinar with parties wanting to be part of this to agree a consistent test for each version and metrics to measure results and the group will be privvy to the results 3 months before we release a full report, so you get first mover advantage in using the results to increase sales and market share.

The types of things we want to measure include:

Improved SEO

Increased length of stay and engagement and decreased bounce rates

Increased conversions rates

Reductions in product returns